Is your team

river or a rock?

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy

It has been said that in a contest between a river and a rock, the river always wins. Why? Because the river is constantly changing to meet the needs of it's surrounding, going around or even through the rock.

It is often said that organizations don't change, individuals change. The key to change starts with awareness.

Organizational change success requires knowing where you want to go and a consistent shared vision to get you there.

We help people better understand, commit to, accept, and embrace new initiatives with increased engagement. Executing a strategy that requires lasting behavior change is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. We partner with you to create a structured process that focuses on moving people through change more quickly and increase the likelihood of success.

• Be at your best when facing adversity
• Significant, positive impact on efficiency, revenue/cost
• Improve employee engagement and financial success
• Key initiatives meet objectives with minimal resistance
• 6 Steps of Organization Effectiveness

Leadership | Communication | Accountability | Delivery | Performance | Measurement

Plan stages of a change process and increase the likelihood of success by adhering to proven principles of change management. Change is a process that needs to be handled carefully. It consists of organizational restructuring as well as changing attitudes and behaviors.

How effective is your organization?

Organizational Effectiveness has been defined as the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes it intends to produce.


We are sought after to analyze organizational effectiveness and implement key initiatives.

Our combination of leadership in Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Relations, Change Management, Finance, Retirement Education, Executive Search, Talent Acquisition, and Career Transition to support organizations manage transformation.


Our approach and philosophy are simple: seek to understand first. By ensuring everyone has a chance to be understood, feel respected, and supported, we can bring change while increasing engagement and productivity.

Our ultimate goal is to create lasting value for our clients. We help move from "survive" to "thrive" and propel goals forward to achieve financial success.


We leverage our unique experience to find common ground and language that engages stakeholders and drives results while improving efficiencies.

And even when the situation can feel tense, people rely on our positive energy, and the balance of methodical, rational thinking, and personal connection we bring in the face tough challenges.

How do you build a dream team?

Dream teams don’t form by accident. You achieve team cohesion and continuity by intentionally aligning your people and your goals. It also means practicing self-awareness on every level. As a leader, before you can reassess, balance, and guide talent optimized teams, you need to:

  • Be more self-aware as an individual
  • Have awareness of others
  • Understand how you function as a team
  • Understand how the team functions in relation to your goals

Past and Present Clients Include:

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