A simple time management technique.
Set a fixed, maximum unit of time for an activity in advance.
Complete the activity during that time.

Time commitment to get started: Low

Motivate Yourself & Others By Making Tasks More Manageable
The timeboxing 4 steps:
  1. Tasks are items you aren’t motivated to do (tend to be overwhelming) or task you don’t want to do (find unpleasant)
  2. Set goal and time to complete: Complete proposal and submit to client on x/xx/2019
  3. Allocate time: Typical total project time = 3 hours, timebox 30 minutes per day 9 am – 9:30 am
  4. Stop working and assess: Stop immediately at the end of timebox, no matter what, assess results

Increases focus and reduce multitasking.
Prioritizes lists and measures results.

Make it visual using a calendar or app’s like Clockify or Trello.
Set a timer to alert you when your timebox expires.
Don’t increase stress by setting your timebox too short.
Plan for breaks to reduce stress and burnout.

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