Is this one habit putting the skids on your success?


This particular habit is often highly desired for success. 

In its clutches, it tightens you in a stranglehold, injects its rigidity into your bloodstream and chokes the flow of spontaneous and flexible ideas. Uncurbed, it causes you to set unrealistic goals, try too hard and over-focus on your mistakes. It blinds you from generating your best work.

– Bryan Robinson, author of Steer Clear of This One Habit That Seems Like It Boosts Success But Puts The Skids On Your Career

The first step is to distinguish between perfection and excellence.
  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Loosen your grip
  3. Amp up self-compassion
  4. Stop the self-abuse
  5. Broaden your perspective
  6. Stick your neck out
  7. Salute Imperfection
Choosing humility and courage, instead of ego and pride, makes you a stronger leader in the workplace and a more loving family member. Practice being imperfect at something, let something go or tell yourself there’s a limit to what you can do and see this practice as a strength, not a weakness.

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