Is culture eating your strategy for breakfast?

Burnout is expensive!

200 million workdays — $16.8 billion in productivity
are lost due to mental health conditions each year.

Cost to replace employees
up to 20% of an employee’s yearly salary

Employees that aren’t aligned with your culture often leave…

or worse, are asked to leave.
While many think of culture as the benefits your company provides, it’s much more than that. It’s the values and behaviors that are rewarded on a day-to-day basis. And if those values and behaviors aren’t aligned with your business strategy, your chances of achieving results plummet.

There are four main types of organizational cultures:
Exploring, Cultivating, Stabilizing, and Producing.

These cultures align with the Competing Values Framework, which is a widely applied model for describing and diagnosing organizational culture, as it relates to business strategy and workplace behavior.


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Understand what drives people so
you can hire the right talent.

Talent optimization begins with organizational self-awareness.

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