How To Be Indispensable In A VUCA World

We live in a VUCA World.

Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous

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Being indispensable and maintaining your network are keys to success during challenging times.

  1. Focus on Value, not Job Title: Do a 10-minute inventory each month.
    1. What value am I adding?
    2. What gaps do I help fill?
    3. What problems do I solve?
    4. Do I impact the bottom line?
    5. Am I aligned with my companies needs?
  2. Build and leverage your network:
    1. Continuously build your network internally as well as externally.
    2. Don’t let key relationships go dormant.
It is important to build positive habits that move your goals forward during high-stress times. Successful people build recharging time into their day to reduce fear-based thinking and poor decision making. They invest in themselves.

Stay competitive in the marketplace by growing your skills. Expand your knowledge, complete a certification, build on your strengths and upskill to fill in gaps. Take advantage of your companies education reimbursement or free online courses. Udemy and Coursea offer inexpensive options as well.

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