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Our expertise is in Career Transformation, Executive Coaching with 75+ years of combined experience in Leadership, Executive Search, Finance in companies of all sizes.

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“Lisa is a humble yet highly gifted at coaching clients in professional or personal settings. She has a positive outlook on every situation which helps her clients achieve their potential.  She uses her extensive, professional experience and analytical mindset to help guide her clients in the direction they desire.  Lisa also works selflessly by putting her clients first during sessions and ensures the clients objectives are met before the session ends.  I have been so grateful to have found Lisa as a coach and highly recommend her!"    Elizabeth M.

"Because Lisa took the time to ask questions, actively listen and then challenge me to think things through with a different lens...she paved the way to a breakthrough “aha” moment. This moment made me realize what I need to do, to get myself on track and prioritize my personal goals and be focused." Theresa A.

We received great feedback from the workshop. We would LOVE to have you back for another program!!! And thank you again for doing this for us. We love to partner with local professionals and it is even better when they are awesome people to work with as well!!! 

- Melissa C.

"In just a few short months of working with Lisa, I have experienced the profound impact of the transformational coaching methodology. I am amazed by Lisa’s unique insight on mindfulness and the living a full, abundant life. With her help, I was able to discover what was holding me back. The awareness that I had choices gave me the strength and courage to make small shift changes that are having a major impact on my life. I mindfully focus on wiser choices in every moment.”

-Sandra G.

"You are a great inspiring career coach. I enjoyed the support and validation that I am handling my job transition in a productive manner." – RS

"You were very kind, compassionate and helpful. Thank you for your kindness in difficult times. 
I found a job and make 30% more. I am in a really good place now. " - LT

"Thank you so much! You got me through a tough time." - TC
"I really enjoyed working with Lisa. She offered practical advice and great support. She is an asset to anyone in the job search process." -BE

Thanks again for all the small points of encouragement to keep me pushing forward. I have benefited greatly. -CD

I have worked with Lisa during some major transitions during my life and also for her to help me succeed more in my career - I highly recommend her. Lisa gave me great advice and was very structured in her approach, helping me think about things from a different perspective, and always being welcoming and supportive. Lisa truly cares - and has been very helpful to me. Thank you Lisa!! - CL

Lisa Foster is a career coach guru! Her expertise in talent management and executive coaching is literally changing the course of countless clients like me. She's the first to know and share the latest data on industry trends, always on the cutting edge of what will serve her clients well. She'll teach you how to market yourself and your organization, guiding you through change management processes and teaching resiliency strategies along the way. Lisa will get you where you need to be in the fastest way possible, helping you grow your network and maximize your potential. Partnering with Lisa is one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you Lisa, for being a results-driven and delightfully caring professional. - Windsor Groves

My career coach Lisa Foster has played a critical role in my job search. She has provided vital information relative to: current resume styles & formatting for ATS, interviewing for different level positions, insights into current trends for candidates & employers, and most importantly helping me maintain a positive attitude during my search. - Erin McVey

Lisa is a very helpful and instructive lead recruiter and she has been a real partner of mine. Lisa is very thoughtful in her approach and she has a great way of supporting her clients with the highest level of professionalism, I can always count on Lisa to deliver results without any excuses. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and am pleased to work with her. - Chris Heil, Amex

Lisa has successfully helped us build up and out our in-house search function. In her role she represents and is most often the first contact to the organization for future leaders. She does a great job in finding and identifying talent, and then continues the process by very accurately presenting the company culture, structure and opportunities to prospective employees. As she interacts most often with senior level individuals, she is accountable to provide very detailed and honest information to these persons. A testament to how well she does this is the positive feedback we get from not only those hired, but also from those who want to join our company mostly because of her interaction with them. She is very detailed, extremely knowledgeable about recruiting, particularly the executive search landscape, and exhibits a passion for finding the right person/doing the right thing, that some recruiters never develop. If you want to learn about executive recruiting, or are a candidate for a like role with our organization, Lisa is the expert to connect with. - Steve Parillo, CVS

Really enjoyed the time I spent in conversation with Lisa and appreciate her insight, wisdom, and guidance. This was my first "formal" mentoring experience and I couldn't be more satisfied - Lisa was very authentic and approachable, making it so easy to talk with her about my work. She is a great listener but also asked really smart and thought-provoking questions that helped me look at things in a different way. It was also very helpful for me to learn about Lisa's professional experiences and how she's navigated her career. Overall, my mentorship with Lisa was an invaluable experience. - DS

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